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Little Learners Staff

Hands on loving teachers that teach children the love of learning. 

Dedicated to helping your Little Learner have the very best start to their educational foundation, so they can fly!


"A Teacher's Heart ensures the very best start!"


Little Miss Launa


Miss Launa has spent her life dedicated to the passion of loving and educating young learners. Throughout most of her career she has written curriculum that has been used around the world. She is not only an expert in Early Childhood Education, she is also a mother of six which has helped her put a lot of thought in to the way things are done at our school. Her love and life’s work has been poured in to the creation of Little Learner’s Academy.


Little Mr Craig


Mr. Craig along with Miss Launa owns Little Learner’s Academy and is able to assist with overseeing special projects and any additional support that is needed at our school. He is lots of fun and has a heart for creating the special experiences each student has at LLA. We know that Santa parties, Dr. Seuss days and all of our technology wouldn’t be the same without him.


Little Miss Melissa

Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Melissa empowers her student’s growth by helping them discover their love of learning. Because of her background with early childhood education she understands the value of a strong learning foundation.  Her ability to partner with both her students and their parents encourages their learning to be bigger than just the classroom. Miss Melissa loves seeing the smile on a child’s face when they learn something new.


Little Miss Karli

Preschool Teacher

Miss Karli puts her whole heart into teaching. She is committed to ensure each child feels successful, capable and celebrated while they are in her class. Her calm demeanor and fun personality helps her students achieve their full potential. Miss Karli’s captivating personality encourages her students to be their creative, fun individual selves.


Little Miss Tara

Director/Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Tara’s love of teaching and her ability to lead by example makes Little Learner’s Academy a positive learning experience for everyone she encounters. She is dedicated to ensuring everyone feels successful, capable, and celebrated while they are at LLA. Miss Tara helps her students connect the lessons in her classroom to their outside world. We are blessed to have an incredible leader like Miss Tara at LLA.  


Little Miss Hannah

Front Desk

Miss Hannah is dedicated to supporting every student’s learning experience both in and out of the classroom. She is able to find a creative solution for every problem put in front of her. Because of Miss Hannah’s strong communication skills, parents and teachers alike know that they have all the information they need to have a successful school year at LLA.


Little Miss Sadie

Preschool Teacher

Miss Sadie has passion for working with young children that shows through her patience and flexibility. She has the ability to recognize each child’s unique way of learning and uses effective teaching styles to help each of them grow and blossom. She loves seeing them build their confidence through new challenges. Miss Sadie loves working alongside her students through laughter and play.  


Little Miss Emmalee

Preschool Teacher

Miss Emmalee has been around LLA her whole life which makes teaching come naturally to her. Her heart is filled with joy when she is able to assist her students in reaching new milestones. She helps her classroom come to life by being silly and engaged with her students. Her students know they will always be greeted with a warm smile when they enter the classroom.


Little Miss Aubrey

Assistant Director/Lead Preschool Teacher

Miss Aubrey’s fun and magnetic personality along with her ability to be in touch with her inner child brings laughter and joy into her classroom. Through her experience in early childhood education she has found unique ways to tailor her teaching to give her students a lasting educational foundation. Miss Aubrey knows that there is no greater privilege than to take part in the joy and success of a child. 


Little Miss Debby

Preschool Teacher

Miss Debby has been a loved teacher at LLA as she was one of the original assistant teachers.  She is so silly and gives each of her students a special nickname that highlights their personality. Miss Debby has a gift for making everyone feel extra special and helps them believe in themselves. She empowers all her students to achieve their very best both in and out of the classroom.


Little Miss Kim

Preschool Teacher

Miss Kim puts her heart into creating a loving and playful atmosphere in her classroom. She is a teacher that gets down on the child’s level, hears what they have to say and encourages them to explore their ideas. Miss Kim brings patience and joy to each of her classes and genuinely enjoys nurturing and caring for each of her preschoolers. She looks forward to each school year and helping her students immediately feel at home here at Little Learner’s. 


Little Miss Tawny

Preschool Teacher

Bio coming soon!

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